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Written comments can be submitted by sending them to PO Box 900, Belcourt, ND 58316, by fax at 477-0916 or by email to 

Please contact the Tribe or Tribal Records Dept if there are any questions:  477-2600, 477-2602, 477-2677 or 477-2603

August 2016

Liquor License Hearing Notice

July 1, 2016

Posted for comments - Title 43

May 6th, 2016

Create a Department of Public Services

The Tribe is placing the following proposed amendment out for public comment.

Adoption of a proposed Public Service Act to create a Department of Public Services to bring transparency, accountability and community involved into delivering public services at affordable, fair and reasonable rates. 

Get of copy of the Proposed Changes --> here <--

May 6th, 2016

Creation of an Office of Land and Property Ownership Records

A public comment period is taking place for proposed additions to the Tribal Code - a law to preserve, advance and protect the sovereign authority of the Tribe to protect its territory, to protect property ownership interests held by individual tribal members and all persons, to provide certainty to holders of secured interests to land and real property, and to facilitate transfer and conveyances of property ownership interest, thereby establishing within the Department of Real Property an Office of Land and Property Ownership Records.

Get a copy of the resolution --> here <--

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