TERO Office (Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance)

Jim Parisien-Tero Director 701-477-2662

jim.parisien@yahoo.com or jim.parisien@tmbci.org

Sherry Baker- Co-Tero Director 701-477-2663

sherryann_70@yahoo.com or sherry.baker@tmbci.org


It is the policy of the Turtle Mountain Tribal Council to promote employment opportunities for Indians and business opportunities for Indian firms and contractors, and to provide direction, management and business standards for the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. The work force of the Tribe must be given an opportunity to gain employment on or off the reservation and the Tribal Council will promote the preference in harmony with congressional enactments giving Indians special employment rights. It is also the Council's responsibility to monitor Indians preference along with collecting from those doing business on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation a fair fee for that privilege.

Anyone doing business on the Turtle Mountain Reservation for a profit MUST be licensed and need to contact the TERO Office before any work starts.

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