Commodity Warehouse

Name of Program: (TMFDPIR) Turtle Mountain Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation.


Director: Lyle F. Lunday (Warehouse Director)


Brief Description of Program: FDPIR(Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation) provides USDA foods to low-income households living on or near a Native American reservations.  The Tribal Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation (FDPIR) is administered by the North Dakota Department Public Instruction (NDDPI).  The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) provides administrative support with budgeting oversight and provides technical support services with any questions or concern with the daily operation.  The Federal Government regulates and also sets guidelines for the monthly income standards for each participant's eligibility per household size. 


Staff names and Positions:   Harvey F. Azure (Warehouse Floor Supervisor)

                                                 Clara L. Decoteau (Head Certification Clerk/Computer Operator) / Email: / Office Phone: (701) 477-3857

                                                 Jolean Houle (Certification Clerk/Computer Operator)

                                                 Lowell Poitra (Warehouse Technician/Maintenance)

                                                 Lyle Belgarde (Warehouse Technician)

                                                 Curtis N. Poitra (Warehouse Technician/Maintenance)

                                                 Billy Schroeder (Warehouse Technician)

                                                 Johnathan Dejarlais (Warehouse Technician)

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