Belcourt Fire Department

The scope of work for the Belcourt Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention practices, and cooperation with other agencies. During FY 2017/2018, the Belcourt Fire Department has responded to 315 fire calls. These include motor vehicles accidents, motor vehicle fires, structural fires, fire alarms and fire drills, foster/daycare inspections, community services and events, mutual aid calls to neighboring communities, and we have assisted the forestry department on some grass fires.

 In this year, we have conducted many fires inspections to residential dwellings and business locations as well. During these inspections we stressed fire prevention and awareness to educate people in this community. We have alson conducted fire prevention training for the Child Welfare department and we have conducted fire prevention training for the entire staff at the local Indian Health Services Hospital here in Belcourt.

The Belcourt Fire Department has fulltime roster of 15 paid Firefighters and 13 strictly volunteers. As fare as EMS Responders personnel, we have all 15 fire fighters certified in CPR and First-Aid; weare goin got be having an renewal for EMR and EMT throught IHS. All firefighters in this department are certified in various skills within the fire and rescue disciplines.

In 2018, we plan on sending a few firefighters to North Dakota State Fire School training event in Minot North Dakota. This annual training event is a valuable educational tool that enhances or compliments the skills of our firefighters and certifies attendees in many disciplines. Attending trainings in the fire serve helps to stay safe and gives us the knowledge and tools they need to protect our cxommunity. We are also focusing on getting everyone certified at the firefighter I and II level by June of 2018. W have already started classes and training to achieve this goal.

We also attend quarterly Safety Clan meetings which keeps this department aware of vital operations and needs of the cocmmunity and keeps us involved in the community awareness so that we might contribute when we can. Within the Safety Clan, we have organized a subcommittee to help the Fire Department in planning a full time department.

We also do Fire inspection for foster care and chile care the fees for the foster care in Belcourt ar $40 per household, $50 for Dunseith and for child care it is free.