Health Education

TURTLE MOUNTAIN Tribal Health Education

Mission: The Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Health Education Programs provide assistance to American Indian/Alaska Natives in the determination and improvement of their health status incorporation cultural beliefs, practices and traditions. The program is committed to working in partnership with individuals, groups and communities in the provision of Health Services. Health Education is the prevention arm of the Indian Health Service. The program emphasizes education, wellness, and prevention to obtain optimal health for American Indians/Alaska Natives.
Goals: The goal of the Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Health Education Program is to assist American Indians and Alaska Natives to adopt healthy lifestyles; to assist in the selection and use of health care resources and services;to assist Indian leadership in the advocacy for health car; and to influence policy and planning on health education issues.
Quentin Burdick Health Care Facility
Donna Lunday-St.Claire
P.O. Box 160
Belcourt, ND 58316
Phone: 701.477.6120 
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Jolene Keplin-Tribal Health Educator
PO Box 900
Belcourt ND, 58316