Environmental Program

EPA's basic mission is to protect human health and the environment -- air, water, and land. We work together to ensure compliance with environmental law passed by Congress, state legislatures and tribal governments. These laws cover four types of environmental regulations: controlling the emission discharge of pollution; regulating certain industrial waste and products; public information requirements; and cleanup of contaminated sites. 

Cora Champagne – Director 701-477-8328 corachampagne@hotmail.com 

Meghan Jeanotte – Administrative Assistant 701-477-8326 meghan.jeanotte@hotmail.com 

Archie Gronvold – 106 Water Quality Coordinator 701-477-8331 archerl45@yahoo.com 

William Houle – 319 Water Coordinator 701-477-8332 houlewilliam@yahoo.com 

Kirt Davis – 106 Water Quality Techniciankirt.davis@hotmail.com 

Ray Reed – Brownsfield Coordinator 701-477-8337 reed_627@hotmail.com 

Philip Lenoir – Compliance Officer 701-477-8339 xavierp72@hotmail.com